Alex Asogwa signing on for Jenesis Colony Alex Asogwa signing on for Jenesis Colony

Profile of Alex Asogwa Jenesis Colony's ambassador

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Alexandra Amuche Asogwa (Alex Unusual) is a 22 Year old dynamic media personality, host, model, speaker, influencer, and brand ambassador from Enugu State who rose to prominence as a finalist on Big Brother Nigeria 2018.

Her mission is to leave a legacy of positive impact through a body of work that empowers, encourages, and inspires those who look up to her.

While in school, Alex initially studied Agricultural Extension at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. However, she changed course when she realized that she was not passionate about the field of study.

Her experience has allowed her to empathize with and connect to students who are struggling with their educational choices. She believes that education is more than just what you are learning in the classroom but is also about what you are preparing to share out into the world as part of your life’s impact.

As such, one must be very thoughtful and deliberate in choosing a course of study. With these insights in mind, she has decided to pursue the things that better suit her natural gifts and talents while challenging her both creatively and intellectually.

She is excited to continue perfecting her craft by taking courses in acting, dancing, speech writing, and presentation delivery. Alex’s personal goal is to use her life to teach others that nothing is impossible.

She has a huge vision for herself and the future, and she is determined to see it all come to fruition. We decided to bring her on board because we believe that there is a need for this present generation to invest in their future.

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